Which countries do you ship to? +
Which shipping services do you offer? +
How much is the shipping costs? +
How long will it take for my order to arrive? +
How can I track my order? +
I did not receive my order, what should I do? +
When will I receive my pre-order item? +
How do I collect my package? +
To what countries do you ship DDP (Delivery duty paid)? +
Is my package insured? +
What is your return policy? +
How do I return my order? +
Can I use another carrier to return my order? +
Can I return my products for an exchange? +
How do I know you received my order? +
Can I change or cancel my order? +
I have received a faulty order, what should I do? +
What payment methods do you accept? +
Can I buy now and pay later? +
Why has my credit/debit card declined at checkout? +
Are your payment methods secure to use? +
How much tax and duty will I have to pay? +
Are VAT/tax and duties included in the given price? +
Can I claim tax or customs refund on a purchase made online? +
How do I take care of my Bylifs bags? +
Are your products unisex? +
Where are the products manufactured? +
How are the products manufactured? +
What if I want to learn more? +